Recycling bank

Recycling Banks encourages environment-friendly habits by accepting deposits of empty PET bottles, glass bottles, and aluminium cans. Owing to the low level of contamination in these materials, they are easier to recycle and reprocess into useful products. We attempt to make a real-world impact by reducing the waste in overflowing landfills.

Through The Box Cycle App you will be able to keep track of your credits, redeem them or donate and locate your nearest Recycling Bank. Our app is available for Android and IOS.

Container deposit scheme

The Box Cycle firmly believes that recycling is a noble deed that should be appreciated, encouraged, and practiced by all. With the intent of fighting litter and boosting the recycling rates. The Victorian Government will introduce the Container Deposit Scheme, in the year 2023. With the Container Deposit scheme, we will be reimbursing the customers in exchange for the deposit of empty beverage cans.

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